I work with cultural and natural heritage organisations, large and small, to help them provide great experiences for people. By asking visitors and participants – and people who don’t visit or take part – for their opinions, organisations can find out what impact they are having on their audiences, and make informed decisions for future planning. I specialise in project evaluation, visitor studies and community consultation, and create learning resources for all ages. Having worked in cultural heritage for over 20 years, I can help your organisation provide great experiences – please get in touch to discuss more.



Historic buildings, museums, galleries, archives, and natural heritage sites all have exciting stories to tell. The same finding-out skills apply in cultural and natural places, whether it is finding out visitors’ opinions, or creating ways to help them find out about the world around them now and in the past. Read more…



I specialise in using practical and straightforward ways to gather robust evidence for evaluations, visitor studies and community consultation. Read more …



Heritage places, collections and the natural environment provide great experiences, and I create learning resources for all ages so people can find out more about them. Read more …



It's good to share practice with cultural organisations in other countries. I provide training in evaluation and consultation skills, and copy edit English text for exhibitions and catalogues. Read more …



Kings Seat hill fort

A site visit to Kings Seat hill fort near Dunkeld, and this is a hearth where bones and charcoal have dated it to 570AD. The hill fort is on top of a prominent hill, but it was completely overgrown by rhododendrons until local people, with the Perth & Kinross Heritage Trust and AOC Archaeology started to excavate in 2017.  They have found many hearths on the site, indicating that the hillfort was a centre for working bronze, silver and gold.  The number of pieces of c.600AD pottery (E ware) also shows that this was a high-status site as only wealthy people could afford this type of tableware.   School groups have taken part in the dig too and been archaeologists for a day - perhaps a future career for some?


Clients and Projects

Much of my work is evaluating projects funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Arts Council and other organisations. From small, volunteer-run projects such as Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers to large organisations such as the National Trust, Historic England, English Heritage and the British Library: read more about clients and projects.