Museums' Fair in the Nemzeti Múzeum Garden, Budapest, Hungary
Museums' Fair in the Nemzeti Múzeum Garden, Budapest, Hungary

It's good to share practice with cultural organisations in other countries. I provide advice and training in visitor studies, evaluation and consultation skills, and copy edit English text for exhibitions and catalogues.

At the KÖME (Kulturális Örökség Menedzserek Egyesülete - Cultural Heritage Managers' Association) conference on visitor research, I gave a presentation and led a workshop about practical ways to find out about our visitors and how to use this in management planning to make the organisation more sustainable.  I have advised the Hungarian National Gallery (Magyar Nemzeti Galleria) about how best to carry out research with visitors, and how best to analyse the data once it is collected.

I regularly work with the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism (Magyar Kereskedelmi és Vendéglátóipari Múzeum), copy editing text for exhibitions. I am a member of the Kuratórium (board) of Múzeumok és Látogatók Alapítvány (Museums and Visitors Foundation) in Hungary.

I have delivered evaluation skills training sessions to museum professionals in Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia, and advised on developing learning spaces in Hungary. This training provides cost-effective and practical ideas which organisations can use to improve their practice.

I wrote the chapter on Learning with Objects for the museum learning handbook "A Múzeumi Tanulás Kézikönyve" published in 2011 by Eötvös Loránd University and the Hungarian Natural History Museum. I have given conference presentations for the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage.

Please get in touch for further information about how I can help your organisation.