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Tranzit Art Café

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Iroda is the Hungarian word for Office. This sign is at the Tranzit Art Café, in a former bus station in Kostolányi Dezsö tér, in the XI. district of Budapest.



Over the last several months I have been carrying out case study research with eight rural churches across the Newcastle Diocese, and one parish in Ashington as an urban comparator.  The aim is to find out what makes them flourish, and how members of the congregation can help lead ministry as the number of paid clergy posts will decrease in the future.

Two pieces of good news for heritage: firstly the National Lottery Heritage Fund has announced its new funding programme which will help heritage recover from the impact of covid:

Before the end of March, "being on furlough" was an expression hardly ever heard in the UK.  In order to preserve jobs during the Covid-19 lockdown, more than a quarter of UK workers are now on furlough and not at work, with their wages being paid by the Government.  So this required a new question in a survey which I carried out recently.  Museums and other heritage organisations are making much more available online - exhibitions, talks, family activities - so we evaluators and visitor researchers are busy developing effective ways to evaluate online activities.

As a result of the Covid-19 restrictions, some of the Canny Chanters Chopwell Arts activities have had to be postponed until further notice, but I had the chance, as the project evaluator, to go along to the Woodland Wool felt making workshop run by Emz Galdo. CCCA is a pilot programme of music and other activities taking place in Chopwell, to provide creative opportunities for children, young people and adults to have fun, make new friends, learn new skills and find new talents.