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Tranzit Art Café

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Iroda is the Hungarian word for Office. This sign is at the Tranzit Art Café, in a former bus station in Kostolányi Dezsö tér, in the XI. district of Budapest.



I'm delighted to become a committee member of the Heritage Centre Bellingham at Bellingham: an accredited museum telling the stories and heritage of the North Tyne and Redesdale.The Heritage Centre is entirely run by volunteers and celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2019.  Along with the Volunteer Co-ordinator I'm putting in place practical methods to find out more about our visitors - what their interests are, where they are from.

Visitor research is a growing interest amongst cultural heritage sites in Hungary, and I was very pleased to be invited to give a presentation and workshop at the KÖME (Cultural Heritage Managers' Association) conference in Budapest. The talented folks at did visual recording of the presentations which is a great way to capture key points in a concise and memorable way.

Places of Worship are one of the measures of community wellbeing in the Co-op's new Community Wellbeing Index.  The index uses Culture, Heritage and Leisure as one of nine indicators of what makes a place good to live in and gives scores for 28,000 communities across the UK. Most important about this is that culture and heritage are valued and included as indicators, which is unusual compared to other wellbeing frameworks.

Historic England has published the Heritage Schools 2017/18 evaluation report which shows how valuable it is for children and young people to learn about their local heritage - not just for history, but for all other subjects too.  One of the highlights of the year is going to visit some of the schools to talk to them about their projects.