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Tranzit Art Café

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Iroda is the Hungarian word for Office. This sign is at the Tranzit Art Café, in a former bus station in Kostolányi Dezsö tér, in the XI. district of Budapest.



I'm delighted to have my research on consultants' and freelancers' rates included in Christina Lister's Working With Freelancers guide, which she has created for SHARE Museums East (the regional museum development organisation). It's very important for clients to budget enough for consultants and freelancers; our rates have to cover our office costs, time taken to prepare tenders, pension contributions etc.  Read the guide here.

As increasing numbers of people are developing dementia, the Alzheimers Society and several heritage organisations have produced a very practical guide: "Rethinking Heritage - a guide to make your site more dementia-friendly".  Beamish Museum does a lot of work with people who have dementia, and as part of the northern launch of Rethinking Heritage, they set up two tea tables - one is dementia-friendly, and the other less so.

It's 50 years since Martin Luther King came to Newcastle (13 November 2017) to receive an honorary doctorate from Newcastle University for his work for civil rights.  In his acceptance speech, he spoke about the three urgent and great problems of racism, poverty and war.  Watch his speech here - scroll down the page to find it.

The image on National Trust's Bakewell Tart chocolate is from the Quarry Bank archives - a textile trade label from the former cotton mill's collection.  One of the aims of the HLF-funded Quarry Bank project is to use the collections as widely as possible, so what better place than on a bar of chocolate?