Two pieces of recent research:

  1. AIM study on who visits charging and non-charging museums;
  2. Selective education is not effective.

 AIM study on who visits charging and non-charging museums

Free admission to museums does not encourage a more diverse audience, research by the Association of Independent Museums shows. More people from AB social groups visit than C2DE groups, regardless of the price of visiting.  People who don't visit museums said that lack of time or lack of interest prevented them from visiting, rather than the cost.  The AIM Blog discusses what museums should do to address this.

 Selective education is not effective

Research from the School of Education at Durham University looks at selective education around the world and concludes that no other country has a selective system that this government could base its new grammar school system on.  Evidence from England shows that "the gains are minimal if any, while the dangers for social cohesion are daunting."