The Old Herring Factory, DjúpavíkOn the East coast of the West Fjords in Iceland lies the village of Djúpavík, where the former herring factory now houses exhibitions of contemporary art - you can read about it here (link removed as no longer exists). Showing at the factory in August is New Work by Anthony Bacigalupo and Tim L Schafer, and Claus Sterneck's Pictures and Their Sounds. Sigur Rós played in one of the fish oil tanks - you can watch it on their Heima DVD. The former hostel for female workers at the factory is now the friendly and welcoming Hotel Djúpavíkwith live music and the best fish buffets. Fish and Art are not confined to Djúpavík; the design store Kraum in Reykavík has lights made of the skins of whole fish, and fish leather is used for clothing and accessories.